• Enrollment Form
  • Before & After School Permission Form
  • Automatic Payment Form

Family Information

Child Information

Emergency / Release Contacts


  • Section 65C-22.006(2), F.A.C., requires a current physical examination (Form 3040) and immunization record (Form 680 or 681) within 30 days of enrollment.

    Section 402.3125(5), F.S., requires that parents receive a copy of the Child Care Facility Brochure, "KNOW YOUR CHILD CARE FACILITY"

    Section 65C-22.006(4)(c)2., F.A.C., requires that parents are notified in writing of the disciplinary practices used by the child care facility.

    Influenza Virus Brochure (DCF licensing requirement)

    Children will be released only to custodial parent or legal guardian and the persons listed above. By signing below, you verify that you have received the above items and that all information on this enrollment form is complete and accurate.

Registration / Supply Fee

  • A registration/supply fee of $100.00 is due upon enrollment. This is an annual, non-refundable fee. This fee is utilized for your child's equipment and supplies for the year. (Excluding Part-time VPK)

Weekly Tuition Fees

  • Tuition is due EVERY FRIDAY for the COMING WEEK. If payment is not made by start of Monday (7:00am) of the current week, a $10.00 late fee will be added for that day and each day thereafter until tuition is paid in full. We reserve the right to deny admission until your account is current.

Late Pick-Up

  • The hours of operation at Hidden Little Treasures Learning Center are:

    Monday-Friday, 7:00am-6:00pm by the COMPUTER CLOCK!

    Late pick-up fees will be charged as follows for children not picked up on time:
    $5.00 for the first minute and $1.00 each additional minute/per child picked up after 6:00pm

Vacation / Absence / School Closures

  • If your child is absent partial weeks for any reason, tuition remains the same. You will receive 1 week credit per school year (August 25-July 31st ) FREE. Your child must be enrolled at Hidden Little Treasures for 3 months in order to be eligible to receive a one week vacation credit. You will need to pay the full cost of any additional weeks your child is absent to keep his/her space. Tuition is due in full for the week whether your child attends or not or for the days that the school is closed. This includes weather related/emergency closures. Make up days will not be allowed.


  • If for any reason you withdraw your child(ren) from Hidden Little Treasures Learning Center, a two weeks WRITTEN NOTICE is required and tuition is due and payable for those two weeks whether or not your child attends. Tuition will be charged until such notice is given.

Parent Handbook Acknowledgement

  • I have clearly read Hidden Little Treasures Learning Center’s Parent Handbook that is located online on the Center’s website and have asked for clarification for anything that I did not understand or have a question about.


  • , give permission for Hidden Little Treasures Learning Center to provide First Aid/CPR For My Child

Emergency Information

  • I understand all procedures and have given consent on all areas listed.


  • ,give Hidden Little Treasures Learning Center consent to photograph or videotape my child

  • I understand that these pictures and videos will not be used in any other means than to show the growth, development and the enjoyment that my child has at Hidden Little Treasures Learning Center. These pictures and videos will not be given to anyone but be used solely for Hidden Little Treasures Learning Center and its website

  • , give Hidden Little Treasures Learning Center consent for my child
  • to watch videos that relate to an activity or subject talked about in class.

Child's Biography

Child's Disposition


Personality Traits

  • How does your child act when he/she is:

Toilet Training

  • What word does your child use for:

Kindly complete the form below and submit once done

  • I fully understand that my child will be transported

  • for before and /or after school care